Waffles for Sharks

Waffles for Sharks Combines Celebration of Food and Wildlife

Ver Duin brings waffles to a nonprofit's table.
cooking waffles


Pancakes, called hotcakes, griddle cakes or flapjacks, contain eggs, butter and milk, as do waffles. Waffles of the world go by one name, the same as sharks.

Stingrays are flat like pancakes.
stingrays look like pancakes


Meet stingrays of the shark family in The Amazing Flight of Little Ray. The shape of these fish gets them called pancake shark, flat shark and pancake stingray.

Ver Duin rays, sharks and waffles help charity.
ray and shark friends


Like pancakes and waffles, rays and sharks are combinations of the same components, substances and elements. Textures and shapes set them apart.

What We Bring to the Table

Connect the Jaws

Charities and restaurants serve pancake specials. Smiling customers may get “freebies”. Waffles should be served for shark celebrations and other occasions. Sharks’ brand of physical strength, stamina and endurance deserves a place of honor for elite missions and fundraisers.

Spread the Good

The pancake form offers special abilities. Pancake-shaped stingrays captivate children and put smiles on faces. It is time to applaud the waffle and pancake duo. Sharks do not always get smiles. This can change by raising awareness about the contributions of sharks to science and the environment.

New Approach

“Our vision” aligns hearty appetites with good manners. Pancakes serve important occasions. Connect international sharks with waffles to rival pancake festivities. Give sharks more than a week of celebration. Food industry and wildlife conservation professionals can link food for thought to shark causes.

Waffles for Sharks Background


This event concept got its beginning in Little Ray's children’s Books about stingrays, sharks and other wild animals. Lessons in heroism spawned a nonprofit organization. Shark populations are shrinking about as fast as reading rates. Do-it-yourself responsibility can reverse these sad losses.

Celebrate Waffles

Waffles deserve the respect and celebration bestowed upon pancakes at fund-raisers. Canadian summer festivals, Christian traditions and restaurant chains serve free pancakes. Many people think waffles taste and look better. They have an enriching variety of grids for special fillings.

Pancake Fans

Add tails to pancakes. Stir up solutions for indirect and direct threats to rays and sharks. Stingrays are called pancake sharks for good reason. The world's culinary, literary and aquatic pancake forces can combine guidance, knowledge and expertise for responsible and powerful change.


Pancake Sharks.

Stingrays are part of the shark family. They are endangered, too.

Stereotyping is scary.

Sharks have undeserved bad reputations. Spread the facts.

Do something.

Connect sharks and waffles to make a difference with jaws.

Video Transcript

The unpredictable blitz in the following video reads: “Join with the best and respect the rest. We never know how things will go.” Animations were made from the original ray and shark book. (34 seconds)

HERO / #1

The quality of V. R. Duin books and the continuous control over events, appearances and public relations have been fostered for more than 10 years.


Here’s space for exciting participation. Achievers are sought to help Little Ray evolve. Successful example gives children inspiration to build leadership skills.


Nobody will consider this winner third favorite in the Olympic challenge. The ongoing welfare of Reading Rates communities belongs in learned hands.


Let’s tell the world about this high achiever in important wildlife, conservation and environmental causes. Top-flight involvement with Dolly Parrot's World is welcome.


Backed by supernatural power and strategic thought, the Goopy Ghost faces fears with resounding success. Help this survivor maintain hardy governance.


Consumers seek reciprocal commitment from the businesses and services they patronize. They want more for their purchases. Brand loyalty flourishes on zero-waste platforms of social and environmental impact.

Engaging and relentless pursuit of harmony and goodwill resonates today. Team players forge influential and natural connections between participants and observers. Nothing great happens in isolation.

This mission seeks relevant platforms to help evolve niches created by waffles and sharks, pancakes and rays. Mutually-supportive objectives can thrive with joint development, marketing and public relations efforts.

Waffles for Sharks events are being planned to help spread awareness of the charitable missions of Little Ray's Children's Books Inc. The world always is looking for something learned, implemented or explored.

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