Volume business
September 2016 by V. R. Duin


It isn't smart.
To become part
Of the landscape.
We must escape.

In a volume business, such as publishing books, high volume sales must offset low margin pricing to be profitable.

Publishing books is a volume business in which high volume sales must offset the low margin in pricing. Profitability comes with a high volume of book sales. Buyers will not pay a lot for any single book, so low margin pricing is critical to the sale of books. Within this low margin business framework, it is necessary to create a high volume business. Volume is another name for book. Books selling in the single digits are going to generate very little money. A printer does not make a generous profit unless and until books are selling by the thousands. Bulk orders are printed less expensively on offset presses, including at most self-publishing houses. Cumulative profit from publishing books comes with fast-moving inventory, printed on cheaper presses. Low margin coupled with high volume can lead to substantial earnings for writers and publishers. Writers can use websites, SEO, social media and blogging to raise interest and increase book sales. These technologies enable writers to reach out to millions to achieve the high volume and fast movement of inventory needed for low margin published books. Increased traffic and leads do not always generate a good return on investment, but the cost of content production is falling and distribution costs are low, enabling more content to be produced. A high volume approach to content generation is being used by established influencers. This high volume content approach probably only works for writers who have built an audience with authoritative, quality content first.

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    • high volume business admin says:

      In the high volume business of publishing books, mistakes are common, making it important to audit for failures and efficiencies with personal orders of our books.

    • Low margin business admin says:

      Low margin businesses are typically found in highly competitive fields with inexpensive products, like publishing books, in which large quantities sold can make up for low profit on each book.

      • book publishingadmin says:

        To avoid the costly press resets in publishing books, a publisher's advertising and promotional efforts will be focused on building volume in the fewest possible titles.