Reading Rates

How to Raise Reading Rates

This website presents V. R. Duin's children’s content for ages 3-8. Enthusiastic minds prefer action. The adult, child and animal interactions in these books and manuscripts are invitingly action packed to capture and maintain interest. Little Ray Children's Books Inc. is carrying V. R. Duin's titles to press. This nonprofit organization is working to raise reading rates and promote ongoing readership with V. R. Duin materials. Learn how you can help.

Enthusiastic youngsters prefer Ver Duin action.

Reading Rates Matter

Adult Reading Rates

Augmented reality, virtual reality, voice commands and mobile or wearable devices drive today's audiences to unique platforms of value. V. R. Duin books offer hunting grounds for mentors, educators and trend-setters.

Child Reading Rates

Reading is a learned activity. When reading stops, learning challenges begin. Much can be done at home to offset the biased, age-based limitations in school drills. V. R. Duin creative materials make reading fun for children.

Raise Reading Rates

Interactions in home literacy programs can motivate everyone to pick up a book or turn on a reading video. When adults add V. R. Duin fun to children's activities, reading rates increase and knowledge-pursuit outcomes improve.

Why Raise Reading Rates?

Speaking voice may not captivate kids. Viewing shock-and-awe action on screens offers no time to think. Action videos with persuasive sound engage attention, build imagination and focus concentration.

Video transcript: “Those who think tech is cool really should stay in school. Our world has a need for folks who can read.” The text is not from any published book or manuscript. (39 seconds)

Make Reading Fun!

Imaginative Tales

V. R. Duin stories involve insightful and inspirational interactions. They are joining the world of Little Ray Children's Books. Once kids get started with these imaginative tales, they conjure up new plots of their own for the benefit of themselves and their communities.

Video & Interactive Books

High-tech books are harder to pirate. This is one reason why traditional publishers are turning to them. Print books are not old-fashioned. Kids need to know how to turn pages and mark important content. Independent authors, like V. R. Duin, fill gaps in the production of printed books.

VeR Duin's two raccoons plan to save the day.

Raccoons Save the Day

Two raccoons present a step-by-step solution to the rescue of a fellow animal from a life-threatening problem. They offer an action plan that calms Internal conflict and advances progress. By analyzing how consecutive actions affect one another, these animals aid in the formation of free-thinking, high-functioning minds. This book is available here.

Tracy wanted to show the vane not all birds can fly. Before she could act, the vane broke free and started to coast.

The strange hullaballoo

Caught the notice of cops

Who observed the neighbors

Waving their brooms and mops!

Excerpt of the Limerick verse in which the story is fully written.

Dear Walter Pool's smile turned quite sad,

This puzzled young Freddy a tad.

Why on Christmas Eve,

Would a young man grieve?

Had something been said that seemed bad?

The matter was hardly so bright.

The charges gave rise to pure fright:

He held stolen goods

For these big bad hoods,

While making a getaway flight!

This case would take a while to solve. Finally, the briefcase was returned and valuable lessons were learned.

As she undid her saddle buckles

Rude kids burst into chuckles

And shouted out ugly names.

This was not fun and games.

Those naughty kids mocked and jeered,

Then scattered as Sara’s dad neared.

"You did quite well, my dear,”

Said her dad in very good cheer.

Sara was growing tall for her show pony, Spot. Her father suggested she ride their mule named Boo.

Rhyming, illustration-ready manuscript.

Count on Goopy Ghost and Little Ray, and Dolly Parrot for Reading Rates:

Goopy Ghost has 44 storylines in his world. Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob Square Pants are ahead of Goopy in this numbers-game review of competing brands.

All of Goopy's holiday stories are rhyming, so they could be used in musical presentations. The Goopy Ghost also has game concepts. 

Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob Square Pants have holiday and non-holiday books, as does the Goopy Ghost. This ghost will serve the charitable missions of Little Ray Children's Books Inc.

Little Ray Children's Books was organized to serve cultural, literary and wildlife causes. Determination of tax-exempt 509(a)(2) status was received for this public charity.

Little Ray has 7 storylines. The 3 original productions are being updated. Hardcover versions and future titles will be published under the author's new book imprint. 

Silent film concepts may help to expand offerings. Gaming technologies also await development. With 501(c)(3) certification, Little Ray can work for public causes.

Dolly has 3 storylines, which also fit together as one longer plot. The rhyming content lends itself to musical productions. A game and a silent film concept expand Dolly's potential.

Everything is ready to be unlocked by Little Ray Children's Books Inc. Demand will determine when this busy parrot can begin to contribute to the causes of this public charity.

The main character in each V. R. Duin series has gaming concepts, licensing ideas, slogans, market niches, and more.

To extend intellectual property protections beyond copyright expiration, .com/.net/.org domain names are connected to each franchise. Goopy Ghost has trademarks for the book series, goodie bags, and costumes. These enhance protections and expand licensing potential.

(Note: Terry can provide proof of trademark.)

Christmas Reading

Here is some historical context for Goopy’s Christmas content:

From late 1800 to the early 1900, the Victorian Christmas featured fireside ghost stories. To give others a leg-up in reviving this tradition, here is a brief reading from “The Goopy Ghost at Christmas.”

Frigid temperatures and long nights are the perfect time to gather together. Folks won’t get goosebumps or act afraid of Christmas Goopy. However, the dog may be a better performer than the reader.

Learning Magic

Physical learners learn best by building skills with physical movement and touch. Little Ray’s stingray shuffle dance and AR games offer good starting places.

Visual learners learn best with pictures and other visual aids. These thinkers reach solid understandings by watching model behaviors from V. R Duin characters.

Aural learners learn best with sound or music. Active rhyme and rhythm engage these learners. Goopy Ghost and Little Ray songs also stimulate listening interest.

Verbal learners learn best with spoken or written words. They like word games, puns and rhymes. Accelerated Reader Questions should appeal to these thinkers.

Logical learners learn best with logic, reasoning and problem solving. V. R. Duin games may challenge these savants to reach their goals at machine-like speed.

Ver Duin brings learning magic to kids.