Published Books

VeRDuin published books are licensed to Little Ray Children's Books, Inc, a nonprofit organization.  We hope that you will purchase multiple copies of each book to read at home, to give to others and for donation by you to other nonprofit organizations sharing our missions. Thank YOU for your support of this author and of the charitable organization that she serves by purchasing all books from this website. When purchases of our books are made through other booksellers, we are unlikely to receive the royalties to which we are entitled and for which we work hard.

Hardcover Published Books

This is Little Ray & Shark Patch Things Up.

Little Ray & Shark Patch Things Up

This anti-bullying book demonstrates the pitfalls in bullying and the importance of teamwork.

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Raccoons Save the Day

A problem-solving action plan and a step-by-step solution result in the rescue of a fellow animal from a life-threatening predicament.

This is The Amazing Flight of Little Ray cover.

The Amazing Flight of Little Ray

This behavior-changing book shows the way to beat all odds. It inspires all children to reach new heights.

Softcover Published Books

The Foxy Armadillos will be redone as a 2nd Edition Hardcover in 2023.

This is The Foxy Armadillos by Ver Duin.

The Foxy Armadillos

This eco-friendly book is a charming trip into the armadillo hole of the most unlikely heroes you are ever going to meet.

If you see our softcover published books discounted on any other website, you likely are witnessing sales piracy, from which we will receive NO royalties to defray the costs of our products or to fund our mission. This should be clear from the cost breakdowns provided on this page. Thank you.

The Goopy Ghost

Goopy Ghost books also serve to raise funds for the Little Ray charitable platform.

This is The Goopy Ghost at Halloween


Goopy is taken from his pumpkin home. This story is about to get bigger for pumpkins, hauntings and for surprised kids.

This is The Goopy Ghost at Thanksgiving.


Although his pumpkin home gets squashed, the Goopy Ghost braves a dangerous storm to save Thanksgiving for everyone.

This is The Goopy Ghost at Christmas.


The Goopy Ghost gets into the “spirit” of the season by tasting Santa’s cookies and by redecorating the home.

This is The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Day

A lonesome Goopy Ghost enlists a little help from Cupid’s bow and arrow to find a new friend.

This is The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick’s

In this Irish limerick tale, the Goopy Ghost must rescue a leprechaun and win back his stolen pot of gold to save St. Patrick’s Day.