The Foxy Armadillos
August 2017 by V. R. Duin


To the den, the farmers couldn't pass.
They had no armor plates, alas,
And to wriggle through the bramble
Was an awful prickly, painful scramble.
(“The Foxy Armadillos”)

With no barrier to entry, everyone can publish a book, so expect competition.

Whether handwritten or word processed, with or without images, with or without a specialized book printer, virtually everyone can write and publish a book. There are no education, licensing, or certification requirements for writing books. There is no retaliation by established writers against new writers. There are no strict specifications for a book's length or format, other than a need to size it into a printable or web ready unit. As a result, the field is very crowded. To stand out from this crowd, writers must create a brand identity for their book through promotion. Technology that writers must apply to the marketing, sale and promotion of books includes a working knowledge of HTML and Wordpress, the most widely used, free and open-source Content Management System for website and blog development. It is up to each writer to decide where to place individual marketing and promotional emphasis, but without a constantly updated website and/or blog, readers will have difficulty finding the published book. The competition among writers seeking readership is huge. Barriers to entry deter new competitors, by imposing a cost element on new entrants, which incumbents do not have to bear. Writers have no barriers to entry for their business or market. The disadvantage of this lack of barriers is the tremendous amount of competition in the publishing business, which is difficult to overcome. Moreover, writers with books that become best sellers cannot protect their position by building barriers to entry against newcomers.

  • Barriers to entry: Factors preventing startups from entering a market

    • publish a book admin says:

      Since more people can publish a book than ever before, serious writers must use technology to spread awareness across all available media.

    • Competition admin says:

      Technology enables writers to join the twenty-first century in book promotion and challenge the competition throughout the world.

      • barrier to entryadmin says:

        There is no barrier to entry into the writers' market, but it is not cost-effective to pay others to manage, assess problems, test, validate and design the future state of the necessary tech platform for book promotion.