Little Ray

Wild Ocean World Rays, Sharks & More

Do the kids in your life love to explore the wild ocean world? Then, you have come to the right place. Little Ray looks beyond humdrum bounds in his wild ocean world of seafaring books about grit for kids. This young stingray encourages everyone to follow nature-set courage on the way to true heroism. He gives real-life lessons about the animal world.

Kids explore the wild ocean world of Ver Duin.

Seafaring Stories about Grit for Kids!

The Amazing Fight of Little Ray

It isn't every day that a sea-bound stingray wants to fly like a bird. Knowing her son to be brave and young, Mama Ray lets him try. His head is not in the clouds. This little ray of flight beats all odds with his lofty goal. Rhyming adventure.

Little Ray & Shark Patch Things Up

Before this tale ends, the boat has a leaking hole, the engine is dead and a circling shark hasn't eaten. A whole lot of grit is needed for kids, adults and fish to overcome fears, fix this mess and create lasting friendships. The text rhymes.


This manuscript is ready for Illustration. It is scheduled to go to press in 2023.

Land Animal Adventures For Kids!

The Foxy Armadillos

Few people ever get to see this far-out animal. Armadillos are nocturnal. They are not from another galaxy. Fast moves and group efforts save a farm family's home and bring friends up to speed with this endangered species. Written in rhyme.

Raccoons Save the Day

This adventure in cooperative problem solving rescues a neighbor from life-threatening distress. The step-by-step solution raises many important questions. The story also shows the importance of carrying trash away from natural habitats.

Turtle Story

This Manuscript is ready for Illustration. It is scheduled to go to press in 2023.

How Little Ray Motivates Kids

Goal Setting

Kids expecting instant victory may find the jackpot empty. Once goals are set, success is a long, hard slog for progress. It takes true grit to face problems surfacing all along the way to achievement.


While others flee, Little Ray guides young fans to achieve success through teamwork. He sticks with his plans and works toward his goals. Grit paves the way to good endings and brings halt to bullying.

Beating All Odds

Little Ray focuses. He works toward achievement with each practice session. As he takes necessary risks, he gets loving support from his mother and kind encouragement from beach-goers.

In this pending title, a wave washes a little boy's float toy out to sea. Little Ray wants to aid in rescue. Swan shrinks to a wee dot. Worse; that swan jumps and dives as though it were alive! What happens that leaves crowds cheering in victory? Rhyming and illustration-ready.

Mama turtle scanned the busy beach. She needed to lay her eggs, but swam some more. At a quiet spot near a mound, Mama faces a fright in the moonlight! Mama stayed with her nest as the unwanted guests circled. When Mama’s eggs stopped, she tucked them away. Can anything calm her fear? Illustration-ready rhyme.

In this pending story, Little Ray watched a girl anchor near reefs. A whale approached and played beside her craft. It floated so close, she could touch it. When it swam off, she returned to the inlet. Threats came from anglers on the dock to harm it. Could she stop them? Would Little Ray help? The text is not rhyming.

Two children ignore signs posted that the beach is closed. It looks deserted, but it is not. A walrus teaches them to obey the rules.

This story is not rhyming. It is scheduled to go to press in 2024.

Little Ray’s True Grit

The transcript tells how to beat problems: Life is visions, and illusions; make decisions, fight delusions. The illustrations and theme are from his book; the text is not. (21 seconds)

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