Goopy Ghost

Scare Up Ghost Stories for Kids

Do you want to stimulate conversation with fun-filled ghost stories for kids? Are you looking for a magical time with your family? Join the fantasy world of this V. R. Duin ghost. Diverse storylines, rare Irish limerick verse and videos tested the waters. Goopy's content helps Little Ray Children's Books fund environmental and literary causes.

Scare up a fantasy world with Ver Duin.
Ver Duin pens Goopy Ghost stories for kids.

Why Ghost Stories for Kids?

With ancestral traditions, tales, songs, parties and decorations, the Goopy Ghost cast of friends awakens a fantasy world of adventure for people of all ages to enjoy all year. Captivate young souls with Goopy Ghost stories for kids. Create new traditions with goopy, ghostly delight.

The Goopy Ghost of Halloween

The pumpkin goop tossed into the rubbish bin returns to haunt on Halloween. This ghost story is perfect for beginning readers.

The Goopy Ghost at Thanksgiving

A storm threatens to ruin Thanksgiving and the Brown's family home. Goopy scares up help for the entire family.

The Goopy Ghost at Christmas

Goopy gets a chance to jump into Santa's sack. He takes it. When the elves find this “spirit' of the season, crazy new fun begins.

Celebrate Every Day with Ghost Stories for kids

The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day

The Goopy Ghost has no soul mate with whom to celebrate. Cupid comes up with a sweet plan in time for Valentine's Day.

The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day

A rescued leprechaun, a recovered pot of stolen gold and three wishes get thieves doing easy time, so everyone else can party.

The Goopy Ghost Complete Series

There are five published books. Unpublished ghost stories for kids add New Year's, Independence Day, Easter and Birthdays. Thirty-five concepts await to open and close every day, month and year with joy, kindness, learning and sharing.

In "The Goopy Ghost on New Year's Day", this pumpkin ghost likes to entertain ‘til day ends. Goopy’s form changes, but his spirit stays. With everyone together, the fun never ends. Written in rhyme.

In "The Goopy Ghost at Easter", Goopy and Mushy arrived at Easter Bunny’s factory, but Chocolate Day was called off. Goopy sensed a problem with Easter Chicken's egg fights. The ghosts came up with a solution. The story rhymes.

In "The Goopy Ghost on July Fourth", a town’s tradition of fireworks since 1776 was coming to a halt because of drought. Goopy and Mushy came up with a plan to save the celebration. Written in rhyming verse.

In "The Goopy Ghost on Your Birthday", Goopy wanted to bring a party of friends to you. Transportation failed them. This story shows the ways they tried to celebrate with you. Written fully in rhyme.

Grow Pumpkins

Goopy encourages everyone to grow pumpkins. He makes his home in them. Pumpkins are not just decorator items; they are nutritious. Watch this video for more fun from our ghost tories for kids.