Dolly's Talking Parrot Adventures

Talking Parrot Adventures Rule the Roost

Learn interesting facts from these talking parrot adventures. Dolly the Parrot shares information from life in captivity and in the wild that helps kids learn bird-friendly ways to rule the roost. This chatty bird hopes the directors of the Little Ray Children's Books nonprofit organization will hurry the wait for her fine-feathered titles.

Ver Duin shows kids new ways to rule the roost.

Talking Parrot Adventures for Children


Dolly the Parrot's triple-play series is as entertaining as squawking parrot toys. Her lively rhymes could be presented in reading or musical video. Learning fun facts during these talking parrot adventures will delight both child and adult explorers of Dolly's world.


From the beginning and middle to the end, Dolly revels in high-flying activities. All the while, she shares her fine-feather insights into bird capabilities. Even those who are not children or scalawags are sure to enjoy traveling through the wild and tame world of birds.

Bird Talk

This series should help to reverse declining bird populations. Dolly encourages folks to show their love of birds. This wildly chatty and adventurous bird works to protect our beloved bird kingdom and to spread the word against illegal pet trade and animal neglect.

About the Series

Dolly the Parrot by the Sea

Thanks to young Lucy McGee, Dolly the Parrot came to live with Molly Ginter. Lucy's grandma Ginter had many guests, all of whom found cleaning to be a bother. Lucy knew how to fix those guests and stop them from being pests! She went with her grandma to a pet store and picked a bird with a squawking roar. An excerpt follows for the illustration-ready manuscript.

Dolly the Parrot's Boating Lesson

A frightful noise came from the sea; a speeding boat wouldn't stay afloat. The boat soared over the fence and into the pool. Nobody was prepared for what would happen next. Parrots and boats go together. Dolly and Molly Ginter soon will perch in a boat. This time, the crew will race to victory. Below is an excerpt from the completed manuscript.

Dolly the Parrot Flies Home

Molly Ginter had a nagging thought: had Dolly the Parrot been illegally caught? Molly, Lucy and Dolly would fly to a distant place, where Dolly’s roots might be traced. At the end of the flight, the trio waved good-bye to the friends they’d made in the sky. At Molly's brother's Latin retreat, Dolly rejoins her brother. An excerpt follows for this illustration-ready manuscript.

Molly Ginter lived by the sea

Where her friends always stayed for free.

This way, she was never alone,

So many people gracing her home.

Feathers were ruffled, that’s for sure.

For this, there appeared to be no cure.

Dolly certainly had plenty to say;

That foot-high parrot would make them pay.

The Amazon Parrot’s history

Would soon cease to be a mystery.

Dolly sang loudly in her crate.

It began when the aircraft left the gate!

Swashbuckling Talking Parrots

Dolly’s video hints into her character, like how she takes responsibility for cleaning up everything, when her guests won't clean. Get a head start on interesting facts about the bird capabilities from our lineup of talking parrot adventures.