Reading Rates measure how much we are reading, how quickly we are reading and track our preferences as to genre, target age and general subject classification.

As reading rates drop,
we can’t sit and watch.
There are resources
to make this trend stop.

Reading Rates


Let’s turn “Can’t” to “Can” with Little Ray, the Goopy Ghost and the ‘Dillo clan.

When reading is fun, kids want to do it. Their reading rates soar and our job is done.

Reading Rates Matter. As reading rates grow, knowledge, comprehension, logic, critical analysis, language skills and opportunities follow.


Reading takes practice.

Children who will not read a book may enjoy reading videos. We plan to add subtle sound to this video, to enhance the words: Ideas come while playing, when our minds are straying, while in a friendly group, or away from our troop. Great ideas start out as fun, then get used by everyone.