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Ver Duin

Available Portfolio Children’s Content

Ver Duin's content hub offers a peek into a diverse portfolio. Test titles are on Amazon under Terry Verduin's pen name. Her 20 rhyming children’s stories and 39 additional storylines could have best-selling and award-winning potential in influential hands. Award-winning Australian author Graeme Lofts did final edits.

Ver Duin
Ver Duin


Growth-oriented achievers should monitor Terry's Web and literary properties for availability. Surprising content delivered in an influential context holds an audience. Recognizing that big names sell, Terry is working to transition from writing to ghostwriting before becoming a ghost.


Terry reaches out to content publishers with the creative work product on this platform. Popular, trending and responsible themes super-boost the mainstream potential for serialized work. Content is king within the right kingdoms. Kingdoms need constant content infusions. Add one or more of Terry's five series to your world. Acquire them and make them yours.

Ver Duin
Ver Duin

Adopt Ghostwriting

Thank you for reflecting upon this work. Terry hopes to set a win-win example for other developers by mainstream placement of her Web, video and literary content with a celebrated brand. Opportunities broaden with innovative concepts and fresh outside ideas. Reach out to her by email for more information.

Change to Tech

Every aspect of publishing is changing. Multimedia presentation is the rage. Terry is a tech-savvy agent of change. A lifelong dedication to remakes takes a homespun direction in her first video production. Change: Gitty-Up! Horses get retired. Change does not leave us. Let's climb on and ride. Change is Super-Wired! (35 seconds)

Writing Technology

Tech Change

Time constraints and short attention spans drive readers from long, slow-moving text. Terry's children's content is short, fast and sharp for hand-held screens.

Tech Matters

Terry studied animation, website design and image-editing software. Her content is an interactive mix of text, video and audio delivered upon command.

Tech Formats

V. R. Duin is the pen name of Terry Verduin. Her  YouTube videos are under her real name. Blends of fiction and nonfiction shake up her online platforms.

Companies recognize the importance of giving back to their communities. Terry's content helps make this possible.

Kids welcome content that challenges them to learn, think and creatively achieve problem-solving goals.

Talented, imaginative kids find inspiration in Terry's characters. They learn to push forward with meaningful change.

Goop on Fire (on Terry's YouTube channel) is born of challenge. The action takes place during a visit by Super Emily to Earth.

She teams up with the Goopy Ghost to keep a town from going up in flames. The town is in a drought.

This duo returns to fight graffiti in "Fighting Paint with Goop" on Terry's channel. Ideas to expand existing videos are available.

Concepts for future productions include errant dog walkers, problematic garbage maneuvers and blinding headlight glare.

Good content spurs positivity, engagement and sharing of ideas. Gather together to kick off a season of campfire ghost stories.

Spin Terry's funny ghost stories into scary stories for adults to tell at a campfire. Bend silly campfire ghost stories to add a moral. 

Campfire stories are free. From haze and ashes, storytellers can pull ghostly visions. The campfire season belongs to ghosts.

Campfire stories have been handed down through the ages. They preserve traditions and spark new creative concepts.

Add life to parties with fun ideas from the Goopy Ghost. Everyone will want a part in his fascinating productions. 

The options are fabulous. Throw in calls of the wild. Awaken imaginations with escapes into the art of storytelling.

Terry has a starter kit of concepts to send imaginations on flights of fancy and to set up camp in other-worldly accommodations.

Terry used book-smart academic intelligence and street-smart knowledge from experience to build her Ver Duin portfolio.

Her content moves with the tech revolution to meet audience change. Inspire your fans in less time and cost with acquisitions.

The entertainment fields are not comfort zones. Smart content is complicated, expensive and time-consuming to develop.

The world is intrigued by fast-moving content. Let Terry's products capture attention for your expanding market.

It is helpful to combine ideas. Information of value taken away and given back attracts attention and builds brands

Terry did not sit in an echo chamber, doing what writers have always done or what other writers are doing.

Avoiding the unknown is not the way forward. To stand out for talents and ideas takes tech-savvy and determination.

Machines read and write. They do not yet have the creativity to fill in missing gaps for TV, video or music productions.

Focused observers, problem solvers, researchers and time managers can advance with Terry's creative Ver Duin content.